To ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone, West End Shared Offices members are responsible for:

  • The safe use and storage of their own equipment including laptops, chargers, computer monitors and other equipment used in the building.
  • The safe use of the provided desk and chair with any issues with these items being reported to the West End Shared Offices team
  • Not creating obstructions to the walkways, common areas or neighbouring desks
  • Cleaning up after themselves in the kitchens and common areas
  • Ensuring the building is kept secure outside of business hours by not allowing anybody you don’t know to follow you in without a working building security pass
  • Not altering any part of the setup of the Premises and taking good care of all parts of the Premises, its equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings which you use.
  • Complying with any insurance, sprinkler and fire alarm regulations.

The following information should help new members understand the West End Shared Offices building and ensure they are part of a safe and enjoyable environment.


  1. The main building front door is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  2. After hours access to the building and individual desk areas is by swipe card provided to all current paying members.
  3. Cameras are installed throughout the building recording 24 hours a day for safety and security purposes.
  4. The West End Shared Offices office is swipe access only on public holidays.

Safe Egress

  1. The cleaner checks walkways, common areas and stairs weekly with any furniture, equipment or rubbish blocking access moved or disposed of. It is members’ responsibility to ensure they do not leave any objects in any of these areas.

Fire Safety

  1. Fire extinguishers are located in the work space. See floor plan or evacuation signs for locations.


  1. Upon a building evacuation being ordered, all members should move to the muster point being across the road from the building, on James Street.

First Aid

  1. First aid kits are located in the Kitchen.

Incident Reporting

  1. If a member sees or experiences an injury, hazards or near miss occur in the office, please report it to management via info@westendsharedoffices.com.au

Electrical Safety

  1. All West End Shared Offices power boards, extension cables and electrical equipment is regularly tested and tagged for faults.
  2. It is the responsibility of the member to report any faults/concern with West End Shared Offices supplied electrical items.
  3. It is expected that any devices and/or plugs brought in by the member have been properly tested and tagged before use, and are checked regularly.
  4. You must not install or connect any electrical equipment, including heaters, hot water  systems,  computers,  air-conditioners,  telephones,  electronic  surveillance  equipment  and  communication  equipment  on  the  Premises  that  may  overload  the  cables,  switchboards or sub-board;
  5. You must not interfere with any drains, water supply, gas, electrical plumbing or any other services contained in the Premises or the toilets;

Workspace Ergonomics

  1. West End Shared Offices provides a desk and a chair for members.
  2. Members should consider ergonomics when setting up their work station, including posture and the appropriate eye level for use of a laptop/desktop computer.
  3. Additional equipment may be brought in should you have specific requirements and need to assist ergonomics (eg a footrest, chair with adjustable back rest etc). Additional equipment may be stored by management if necessary.

Rubbish collection / Cleaning

  1. General waste is removed from the desk areas in the evenings Monday to Friday.
  2. Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves wherever they are in the building. This includes washing and drying your own dishes and cleaning up any spills.

Air Conditioning Systems

  1. Air conditioning units operate automatically in the desk areas Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.


  1. All visitors (non-members) to the building need to report to reception upon arrival.
  2. Visitors are also required to check-out upon exit.

How to report any issues

  1. If a member sees or experiences an injury, hazards or near miss occur in the office, please report it to management via info@westendsharedoffices.com.au. For all urgent queries or reports please call West End Shared Offices on 0499 773 340